Credit: Demand from Businesses Down but Amounts Increase in August

2 Apr



Credit: declining business demand but increasing amounts in August

Credit: declining business demand but increasing amounts in August

The request for loans from Italian companies in August showed a decrease compared to the previous month. This is reported by the end-to-end knowledge company barometer on the credit application processed on the basis of the information assets of Eurocritic – the end-to-end knowledge company credit information system that collects the data relating to the preliminary investigations recorded on more than eight million credit positions. Futher reading at

In July there was an increase in requests for access to credit from Italian SMEs , with a + 1.4% recorded against the negative figure recorded in the previous four months. The August figure, however, despite being weighted on the number of working days, is to be considered physiological for a month where many activities are paused.

Despite the contraction of the request, the average amount of funding requested in the first 8 months of the year is higher than the data for 2012. The press agency explains:

Analyzing the distribution by amount, almost a third of the total requests (31.9% of the total for accuracy) is concentrated in the lower range of 5,000 euro. The class of over € 50,000 is the only one that recorded an increase compared to the same period of 2012 (+1.9 percentage points). The average amount of loans requested by the companies, in their aggregate of sole proprietorships and companies, in the first 8 months of the year amounted to 69,551 euros compared to 57,425 in the corresponding period of 2012. By disaggregating the figure, the individual companies recorded an average amount of loans requested of € 35,632, an increase of 12.6% as a result of € 31,651 in the first 8 months of 2012. For companies, instead, it stood at € 92,840 against the 75,698 of the equal period 2012, with an increase of 22.6%…

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