Credit without tax notice: in which cases is it requested?

25 Dec

 Regularly requested by credit organizations, the income tax advice is not systematic. Its presence on the list of supporting documents for the credit contract varies according to the nature of the request. We have explored the issue, drawing on several concrete examples. We know that there is no credit without proof, but is it possible to obtain a credit without tax notice?

Credit without tax notice: myth or reality?

A copy of the last tax assessment provides additional security to the credit institutions. It allows specialists to have a global vision of income, beyond the latest pay slips *. A loan request (need for money, car credit or work loan) is most often accompanied by proof of taxation. We have obtained several final contracts to verify this *. Let’s see if it is concretely possible to obtain a loan without proof of $ 8000 without tax notice.

The six largest players in consumer credit asked for the latest tax notice to complete the file. There is therefore no point in hoping for the final agreement for a substantial loan without at least providing your last income tax notice.

* On the basis of contracts analyzed at the end of 2019, considering a personal loan of $ 8,000 over 36 months.

Small credit without tax notice

It is possible to obtain a small credit without tax notice. The specialists’ revolving credit offer does not always require the last income tax notice to be sent. However, this is not a credit without proof of income. Lending establishments will always request at least the latest pay slips when opening for the first time, with the exception of loans taken out in stores. In this case – and we will see it below – the presentation of a bank card may suffice.

This formula is generally offered at higher APR rates than those of conventional credit. This partly explains why the organizations are slightly less rigid in terms of supporting documents. Credit without tax notice generally takes the form of a revolving credit of $ 4,000 or less.

It is not a credit without document to provide. Conventional supporting documents (identity documents, proof of address, pay slips) will be systematically requested. Above all, an organization can completely request the sending of the last tax assessment notice in a second time, in the event that the supporting documents requested on the contract do not allow the final agreement to be obtained.

The small loan without tax notice allows you to spread your repayments over time. It has a fixed APR rate, like any consumer credit.

You have to select a need for money lower than 4000 $ on our credit comparator to access the best offers and smaller monthly installments of revolving credit. We only highlight the best rates and the specialists who accept the most requests.

I am self-employed or self-employed, how do I do this?

Obtaining a credit without notice of taxation seems impossible in the case of a self-employed entrepreneur. Self-employed people do not have pay slips. Business creators can only justify the sustainability of their business by providing their latest tax notices. Some organizations may require the business to have been active for some time before granting auto-entrepreneur credit. It is therefore not uncommon for a self-employed entrepreneur to present at least his last two tax notices. The declaration of turnover or the presentation of bookkeeping are all elements likely to bring weight to a loan request for self-employed.

The tax notice in the case of a retired credit

You cannot get a credit without a tax notice at retirement. Retirees, on the other hand, have full access to credit: in some cases, they even receive more positive responses than employees. If it is impossible to provide a pay slip, a retiree must, like a self-employed person, provide his tax assessment to organizations.

Credit without a store tax notice

Large brands are used to offering credit without notice of taxation. It is actually a revolving credit that we will get by buying several times our new smartphone or laptop in store. A credit for the telephone in several installments – with or without cost – is obtained most of the time by simple presentation of the following supporting documents:

  • ID
  • Latest salary slip
  • Proof of address
  • RIB

Certain credits of less than 1000 $ can even be obtained by simply presenting your bank card. We can speak of an easy loan without proof (or almost).

Please note : the tax notice is not systematic in the context of a revolving credit but may well be requested, depending on the profile of the borrower and the policy of the financial institution.

What about micro-credit?

Some organizations such as Viloan or DemuCredit offer formulas for obtaining a quick loan of money, without notice of taxation. Interestingly, micro credit is both expensive and inflexible. It responds to an urgent need and must be reimbursed on short terms, namely less than 90 days in all cases. This type of loan is not governed by consumer credit (see here).

For a home loan without tax notice, it’s no

It is unthinkable to obtain a home loan without notice of taxation. The mortgage represents significant amounts: no bank will allow itself to grant a sum without a whole anthology of financial guarantees. Here is an indicative list – non-exhaustive – of the supporting documents requested for a mortgage:

  • Last 2 tax notices
  • Last 3 pay slips
  • Several account statements
  • Proof of identity
  • Proof of address (less than 3 months)

Credit without tax notice = revolving credit?

It is possible to obtain a credit without notice of taxation, provided that it does not concern a mortgage or a major conventional credit. All our attempts to obtain a personal loan without proof of $ 8,000 have indeed resulted in a request for the latest tax notice. Although there are undoubtedly exceptions, we can consider that it is very rare to obtain a loan for all projects (car loan, work loan, etc.) without having to provide at least the latest tax assessment.

The best way to get a loan without notice of taxation is to apply for revolving credit without proof of use. Associated with an amount generally less than 3000 $, the revolving credit contract does not always include a tax notice. Stores like Fnac or Auchan offer this fast credit directly in store, through their financial partner (for example, Sofinco manages credit purchases made with the Fnac card). Credit for computer, television or smartphone is obtained most of the time by simple presentation of a pay slip. Finally, some companies (Viloan, DemuCredit) offer to obtain small amounts over short periods. Practical but not given formulas, offered at significant rates.