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King Gbin, The Iconoclast

Within the heydays of the kings, there after lived an all-powerful King whose identify was Keke Gbin.  By all accounts, Keke Gbin was probably the most effective and influential ruler in all of the land. In individuals days, a evaluate in the king’s may well and electrical power was with the dimension of his kingdom along with the number of aides or bodyguards who personally served him.

Of equivalent worth were being the extent of political muscle mass he exercised and the extent with the content possessions he managed. From the five many years of his reign as King, Keke Gbin fought and decisively gained ten wars and subsequently increased the territorial dimension of his kingdom by just about ten-folds. With far more than 100 individual aides, King Gbin was married to as quite a few as fifty wonderful wives. He had seventy-five young children, 100 grand small children and owned tens of many cattle such as cows, goats and sheep. The King also owned and annually operated tens of a large number of acres of farmland and, with all the support of his subjects, he planted all way of vegetables together with other crops such as rice, pepper, potatoes, apples, grapes, mangoes, paw-paw, yam, butter pears, almonds, corn, and plenty of, many more.

For properly controlling this huge wealth, the King greatly relied on a few of his several wives – the pinnacle and two of his younger wives. Customarily, he at times assigned them the endeavor of handling the harvest and storage of all vegetables along with other farm produce. To your a few oldest sons, the King assigned a lifelong accountability of managing all cattle of your fields and gave them unquestionable authority to help make final choices about the slaughter or give-away of any of his cattle all the time. About the ordinary, five cows and 10 goats ended up slaughtered day by day to feed the King’s residence. 1000’s a lot more got absent consistently towards the needy and destitute.

While King Gbin managed such abundance of prosperity and ability, he wasn’t an excellent lover of meat as every day foods. Exactly what the King liked and ate day-to-day was fish. He ate roasted fish for breakfast, ate fried or grilled fish for lunch and, quite commonly, he would consume stewed or boiled fish for dinner. For between meals or treats, King Gbin usually ordered his head wife to prepare fish in soup. When he traveled, he typically took with him no less than 4 dozens of his individual bodyguards. Using this quantity of aides, Keke Gbin strictly ensured that fish provide for his each day foods continued uninterrupted.

In the meantime, in Baniland fish was the scarcest commodity. As a consequence of the lack of any skilled angler or teams of anglers, the issue in catching fish on massive scale remained a frightening problem in the land. As though fish shortage was not a difficulty ample for fish fans like King Gbin, the legislation of your land was replete with “anti-fishing” constraints in almost just about every creek, brook or river. Certainly one of the strongest of such rules was in effect in a very compact river on the financial institution of which King Gbin’s town magnificently stood.

Despite these kinds of colossal electricity and glory, King Gbin lived a mystery lifestyle that none of his topics inside the overall kingdom understood about. Undoubtedly, the King refused to reveal this top secret portion of his everyday living to neither his closet aides nor senior advisers. Worse nonetheless, he in no way explained to his wives and youngsters his irresistible obsession for his individual and mystery fishing hobby in the forbidden river on which financial institution his glorious metropolis stood. Apart from his head spouse, nobody, including the wisest of your clever from the whole kingdom, realized that Keke Gbin went down stream nightly underneath the address of darkness and lonely carried out regime fishing pursuits that has a fishing line and hook.

Conscious of the achievable publicity of these mystery and forbidden bargains, the King prepared and executed every of his nightly ordeals nicely prior to the dawn of day. Sworn to uphold the regulations in the land and carry out the desire on the gods, he struggled internally to reconcile his all-natural obsession for fish as day-to-day food as well as the wrath in the gods that might probable descend upon him should the ancestors come to be fed up along with his ungodly fishing apply. Overwhelmed by his exceeding love for fish as his primary dish, King Gbin dominated out any risk of punishments in the gods and ancestors, for just after all, he is accomplishing this for all of his reign as king. That aside, numerous of King Gbin’s ancestors and great grand ancestors all lived and died as prominent rulers and powerful warriors. For your purpose of self-consolation, the King argued “why would the gods and the spirits of my grand and wonderful grand parents would like to strike me for functions executed less than pure address of darkness, whether forbidden or not?” He continued: “Except for my head spouse, not a soul is aware of that i go fishing within the forbidden river simply because I get it done all on my own.”